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> 45 foot tunnel under school connecting school with nearby triplex

That didn't actually exist. Two separate excavations never found signs of anything under the school except for a small crawl space someone had dumped some trash into.

The mistake you're making here is assuming that all of the accusations in that report are corroborated. They aren't. Most of it is just a collection of claims made by assorted people, not anything to do with actually investigating those claims.

Netflix, or Amazon, or someone. Please bring back Police Squad!

Seems rather sad state of our Patent system here in the US where a 19 year old with no prior technical background, who was a Chemical Engineering student, a sophomore no less (meaning barely finished or finishing General Ed. requirements and just starting Major courses), can write and file for a highly-technical patent involving radios, sensors, embedded devices, and the like.

> And we could put a cellphone chip on it, and it could telemeter out to the doctor or the patient what was going on.

It's very doubtful she understood how any of that works, or would work in her product/patent.

Underlying story seems it's absurd this was patent-able.

Would "by Berkeley" make you feel better?

Sorry Sergey, you'll never make it past the automated HR filter with that.

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