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sqlalchemy is an ORM - I'm not sure it can be compared against a web framework, but my experience with phoenix vs python web frameworks is that phoenix is easily faster even for single-threaded web requests (which of course will utilize many threads for things like DB thread pooling etc.)

In Zig, as far as I understand, you really just pass an allocator around. I don't see any special syntax to support this?

This could be done in Rust. There is, for example, the simple bump allocator bumpalo [1].

It would be nice if the the std collections supported this (in planning, but hasn't seen much progress), and most dependencies would not be built around a manually passed allocator.

> Rust assumes most of the time you'll be passing around references to values or small structures allocated on the stack.

Can you clarify what you mean here? All of the std collections (Vec, HashMap, etc) use allocation. There are also `Box`, `Rc` and `Arc`, which allocate and are used everywhere.

[1] https://github.com/fitzgen/bumpalo

This is actually one of the most succinct (ever so slightly hyperbolic) write-ups of the 2008 financial crisis I've seen.

If a few people are doing something illegal, it's a crime. If everyone is doing something illegal, it quickly stops being a crime, or there is widespread outrage when someone is prosecuted.

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