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Regarding Tek("Tektronix")-Graphics, here's an animated gif showing Tek4014 graphics...


...part of a Loran-C receiver made by Poul-Henning Kamp which aparently outputs these plots over its serial port.


To play with it, for example gnuplot can output on an xterm running in tektronix-mode. Open an Xterm, then...

    * mkfifo /tmp/tek
    * cat /tmp/tek
    * Ctrl-Middle-Mouse menu:
        - show tek window
        - switch to tek window
        - (in Tek window:) hide vt window
Open a second terminal (Xterm or any other)

    * start gnuplot, on the gnuplot-prompt
    * set term tek40xx
    * set output "/tmp/tek"
    * plot tan(x)    {or whatever you want to plot}
Using two separate terminal emulators, and the fifo, makes it easier to coordinate the two different modes, because frankly gnuplot doesn't switch sensibly between the two display modes and will clobber one or the other either with Tek control codes on the VT, or write the prompt over the graphics.

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